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Peace and Freedom Party Campaign 2004

This is the campaign site for the California Peace and Freedom Party in the 2004 elections, which remains up after 2004 for historical purposes. For information on our campaigns in 2005 special and local elections, please visit P&F's 2005 campaign site at For information on our campaigns in the 2006 elections, please visit P&F's 2006 campaign site at

If you are a Peace and Freedom Party candidate, potential candidate or other activist, please check out our page of resources.

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The November 2nd General Election

The Peace and Freedom Party candidates for public offices nominated in the March 2nd primary and at the July 31st-August 1st convention are:

If you know where you live, but you're not sure whether it's in one of the Congressional, State Senate, or State Assembly districts listed above, you can look up your county and see your local P&F campaigns.

There were sixteen propositions on the statewide ballot November 2nd, assigned proposition numbers 59 to 72, plus 60A and 1A. The Peace and Freedom Party took positions on most of them.

For more information about the party in general, please visit our state web site or our Los Angeles County web site.

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