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Appendix 5


In using the costs listed in the last exercise, develop a media plan for your campaign. Your media budget is $1500. Use the provided chart to help outline your plan. You will not only need to decide what type of media to use, but you will need to decide when to use which type.

Typically, paid media is used more extensively at the end of campaign. The questions used in the previous exercise can be used in focusing your use of media dollars.

1997 City Council Race - Derek Maurer's Budget

Item Amount Percentage of Budget
Mailing (copy, postage) $1100 35%
Yard Signs $1050 33%
Paid advertising $800 25%
Brochure printing $113 4%
Copies $40 1%
Misc. postage $32 1%
Voter list (from Auditor) $20 1%
Total: $3155 100%

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