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Appendix 7


The following are estimated costs of some common campaign expenses. Outline your campaign expenditures and develop a fundraising plan to pay for them. Some things to think about and/or questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Create your ideal plan without regard to money. You can restrict your spending at a later date.
  2. Reflect back upon the goals of this campaign and your personal key values.
  3. How are these goals and values reflected in your campaign plan?
  4. Looking at your natural constituency groups and those you want to persuade, what methods of contact will be the "biggest bang for the buck"?
  5. Multiple contacts are necessary for persuasion.
  6. Are there ways your message and process for getting your message out can reinforce or detract from each other? For example, what would a constituent think if one of your campaign themes is to decrease junk mail and you then send them three different campaign materials via the mail?
  7. How can you use your desired campaign budget to raise money? The budget process may help you generate a list of fundraising ideas.
12 cents per copy, folded, from local copy center
8 cents per copy from local print shop, but must order 2,000.
10 cents per copy from union print shop in another city, must order 1,500.

Yard signs:
weather resistant coated paper with wire -- 250 for $300 or 500 for $400.
Plywood for handpainted signs that are larger -- $12.00 per sign, including two metal posts and something to hold them together.

Newspaper ads:
1 x 1=$13.32
2 x 2=$53.28
2 x 4=$106.56
4 x 6=$319.68
full page=$1698.30
Saturday rates are higher and if you run the same ad more then once within 6 days you get 30% discount on the second ad, if you run it a third time, that ad gets a 40% discount.

Radio ads:
$10 per ad AM stations
$25 per ad FM stations

Scroll on the weather channel:
$85 for 7 days, 10 times per day.


Postage costs:
.32 per 3 sheets at full rate
.23 per 3 sheets with a bulk permit which costs $100 upfront to attain.


Budget Worksheet

Category of Expenditure Ideal Budget Target Budget If you have $_____ more If you have $_____ more
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