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3. What are the Goals of the Campaign?

The first thing you need to be clear about is why you are running. Are you running to educate voters on the issues, to build an organization of like-minded people, to win and take office, or all three? None of these options are mutually exclusive.

It is important to be clear about how you answer this question, as your answer will effect how you spend your time, your resources and utilize volunteer energy.

If your goal is an educational campaign, you may spend more time with individuals and small groups exploring issues. You might not care if the people the campaign interacts with are registered to vote.

Your goal might be to build a local organization. In this case, the focus of your campaign may be on endorsements of local organizations to draw them into the campaign and on coalition building amongst constituency groups.

If your focus is solely on winning, marketing of the issues and candidate will be the priority.

With clear goals, a long lead-time and a solid campaign plan, you can have a campaign that is educational, builds your organization, that builds the progressive movement AND is successful in electing progressives to office.

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