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4. Constituencies - how to identify: get list from groups, auditor; rank precincts; how to reach: phonebank, mail, canvass

You will need to identify your natural constituencies by listing organizations and individuals that hold similar values, use similar strategies, and are interested in the issues you have chosen as the focus of the campaign.


To broaden your constituency, you will need to make a secondary and tertiary list of people and organizations that might support you. Later on, you will need to mobilize these groups of people to get them out to vote and to be volunteers for your campaign.

Identify broad groups (as above), individual organizations, and individuals within these organizations. You may ask these individuals to help you garner support from these constituency groups.

Network - have advisors fill out constituency lists. See constituencies worksheet in Appendix 1.

Additionally, you must determine who you will be targeting as the general voters who are going to support you. Are they people who are already voting? Are they new people that you intend to register? Do particular ethnic, income, job category, and geographic or other characteristics define them? Research should be conducted into voting patterns in your district to help determine the answers to these questions.

What is the profile of the district?

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