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6. Distill issues into message

It is important to be able to convey the goals of your campaign in a succinct message that speaks for you and has meaning for others. The message is what you say when you're meeting people on the street and they ask, "What do you stand for as a candidate?" Avoid platitudes such as, "I want to give back to my community" (what did you take that wasn't yours?). Your positive message needs to be conveyed in 3 minutes and minute format It can be further refined into a slogan.

A slogan rolls off the tongue well, has meaning to your constituency, is short and concise and is not too cheezy. You might also think about how the slogan translates into another language -- both conceptually and linguistically. Be careful in using humor. What you think is funny can be interpreted by others as demeaning or offensive.

Sample slogans:
Joyce Brown - She's a natural!
Kevin Foy - Growing Our Way
Michael Nelson - Progressive, Accessible Leadership
Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist
He Teaches 6th Grade -- He Can Handle the Legislature
Doug Paterson-Revive the Dream!
For a re-election campaign:
Karen Kubby-She's Worth Recycling!
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