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9. Volunteers - importance, how to find, organize (coordinator, flexibility, sensitivity to limits balanced w/ need to ask)

You will also need a Volunteer Coordinator who will contact people to assign tasks, schedule volunteers, coordinate mailing parties, calling, and to follow-up with people about their commitments. This person needs good social, phone and computer skills. They should also be directed to make sure that volunteers are comfortable with the tasks they are performing, to provide training for volunteers, and to have snacks available at work parties.

Coordinate, motivate, appreciate.

Recruit volunteers throughout. People need to be asked. You may need to practice doing this. Those who offer to help the campaign need something to do within a short time frame, say 48 hours. This gives them a sense of immediate connection and gets them physically involved. Keep cards with you at all times to get names, addresses, phone, fax and e-mail. Give them something simple that they enjoy so they are ready and willing to come back for more.

Give choices to volunteers. If you don't specifically ask for help, you may not get it. Build in a social aspect to volunteer activities.

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