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13. Keeping track of supporters

Collect lists of progressive voters in your district from progressive organizations, other candidates/elected officials, your address book, the address books of campaign workers and volunteers, the contributors' list for local non-profits (many times listed in their newsletters), and salary listings of local public employees. Put all of this into a database, either computerized or on paper.

If there are people you consider to be opponents (other candidates, chair of the Republican Party, conservative activists) keep a list of them and delete them from your database. There is no sense using time or money to let them know what you are up to or reminding them to vote.

Targeting voters allows you to focus your time and resources. You can target voters on the basis of:

At every event you attend, have a sign-up sheet and add these names to your database as targeted voters. When you go door to door, note the address of those with whom you had a positive interaction and add these folks to your targeted voter list. If your campaign registered people to vote, these new voters are also a part of your targeted universe for get out the vote.

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