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14. Get Out The Vote [GOTV]/election day activities - presentation (target, prepare, train, feedback; event for volunteers, inform media, prepare comments (victory or defeat), thank people; run thank you ad)

Find out early about the rules and procedures for absentee voting or early voting. There may be rules for establishing an early voting site. This site could be a shopping center, a place of business where there are many employees, a grocery store or your public library. Rules are available through your local Commissioner of Elections. Early voting creates convenience for people. It also creates a need to have a campaign plan that incorporates several "mini-peaks" to the campaign and makes the process of campaigning a little more complex.

If people say they will need to absentee vote or vote early, help them to do so. Follow-up is crucial to ensure that your absentee voters actually vote and vote in time. Some communities are moving towards mail ballots as the main or sole way of voting. In both absentee voting and mail ballot, there are challenges. For example, if you peak at the end or something big comes out about your or your opponent that might be a factor in how people decide to vote, many have already voted and cannot retract or change their vote.

On Election Day you can have people at some or all of the polling places. Contact your local Commissioner of Elections for rules and regulations about poll watching. Have the Commissioner's number handy on Election Day at the polls in case of any questions. There can be NO campaigning at polling places or within specified distances from polls.

Poll watching is the process of seeing who has already voted and communicating that information to the volunteers doing GOTV contact. It allows you to focus your last bit of energy in the most efficient way possible -- on your targeted voters who have not yet voted.

If you can't have people at polling places all day, have them there in the afternoon and in the evening after the big after work voting rush. Knowing who voted during the day allows you to focus your efforts on those who haven't yet made it to the polls.

Have people working the phones to be sure your definite and likely voters have actually gone to the polls. If you can do it, and if its needed (for senior citizens, for example), be prepared to offer people rides to the polls. During the day, have volunteers call areas where people may be home during the day -- an area that might have a lot of stay at home parents or seniors. These voters may be able to get away during the day to vote and will be grateful that your campaign reminded them of the opportunity.

Remember, Eelection Day is not a day to persuade people towards voting for you/your candidate. It is a day to get your supporters to the polls.

In the future, we will also have to learn to incorporate electronic voting into our campaign strategies.

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