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16. Miscellaneous Tips

A great campaign gift that may need to be reported as an in-kind contribution is food. Someone may be willing to have the candidate over twice per week for dinner with no obligation to stay and chat or do the dishes. This helps the candidate eat well and use their time and energy for the campaign instead of cooking and cleaning.

Get plenty of sleep.

Do not let "thank-yous" wait until the campaign is over. This should be done promptly and be an on-going task. Doing this as you go also gives immediate feedback and appreciation to supporters that may motivate them to keep contributing time, energy and other resources to the campaign.

Make sure you know where the other candidates will be located on election night and how to contact them. If you should not win, a call to the winner (s) is good idea.

The most important work for the candidate is direct contact with voters (and, to a lesser extent, donors and volunteers). Try to organize the campaign so the candidate's time is focused here.

Have fun!!

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