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17. What do you do if you get elected?

There are many ways to live out the role of a progressive policy maker. For many, this is the first successful campaign/candidate with which they have been involved. There are two major areas to think about -- content and process.


There are a variety of issues upon which to focus. You will need to learn to train your focus because it is not possible to know everything about everything. Here are some issues that may be "naturals" for a progressive holding public office:


How you do your job is as important as what gets accomplished. Accountability and fairness are incredibly important to most people. Below are some suggestions for how to implement "good government".

It is also crucial to think about how you will be accountable to your community, your constituents and to the issues you ran on. Continue to build your community through building relationships with your political allies, your political foes, organizations, individuals and the media.

Being an elected official is a position of privilege. You will learn about so many things and about yourself. It will change your life and you will change the lives of others. It is how we use this privilege for the greater good that can lead our communities towards a greater democracy and a more equitable society.

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