Resolution on ballot access and anti-war presidential candidates:

Whereas, ballot access laws vary from state to state and are generally unfair to independent candidates and third parties; and

Whereas, in many states this year, the Democratic Party is using these laws to try to keep left opponents off the Presidential ballot, so that voters' only "choice" would be between the imperialist Bush and the imperialist Kerry; and

Whereas, the Nader/Camejo ticket has a national presence and is seen by the public as opposed to the war and occupation in Iraq and to the corporate domination of US politics;

Therefore, the Peace and Freedom Party wishes the Nader/Camejo campaign success in qualifying for the ballot in California and other states, and in particular urges California voters to sign their petitions before August 6th; and

Further, we call for ballot access laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia that are easier for independent Presidential candidates than is current California law; and

Further, we call on voters in all states, including "swing states", to vote for Leonard Peltier where he is on the ballot and for other anti-corporate, anti-war candidates where he is not.

[Passed by the State Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party of California, 1 August 2004.]

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