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Local Candidates and Measures

There are no local Peace and Freedom Party candidates in this county, nor any elected members of the Peace and Freedom Party Central Committees from this county, and the webmaster for this website is not aware of any endorsements of ballot measures or other candidates by the local Peace and Freedom Party organization.

Statewide Candidates

President of the United States

The Peace and Freedom Party's presidential ticket, chosen at our state convention, held the weekend of July 30th and August 1st in Los Angeles, consists of Leonard Peltier for President of the U.S. and Janice Jordan for Vice-President of the U.S.

The Peltier/Jordan ticket came in fifth of six tickets on the ballot statewide, with 24,500 votes for 0.2% as of November 12th. At this point, information on write-in votes is not yet available, so we don't yet know how the P&F ticket did in comparison to the Nader/Camejo campaign.

United States Senator

The Peace and Freedom Party candidate for U.S. Senator is Marsha Feinland. She came in third of five candidates on the ballot statewide, as of November 12th with 213,354 votes for 1.9%.

Statewide Measures

There were sixteen propositions on the statewide ballot November 2nd, assigned proposition numbers 59 to 72, plus 60A and 1A. The Peace and Freedom Party took positions on most of them.

This page was last updated on 14 November 2004.

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