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Local Candidates and Measures

There are no local Peace and Freedom Party candidates in this county, and the webmaster for this website is not aware of any endorsements of ballot measures or other candidates by the local Peace and Freedom Party organization.

Statewide Candidates

President of the United States

The two candidates for the Peace and Freedom Party nomination for President of the United States who appeared on the March 2nd ballot were:

(In addition, there were 5 write-in votes cast for Israel Feuer, who qualified as an official write-in candidate as chair of a P&F delegation. Originally, the name of Mumia Abu-Jamal was to appear on the presidential ballot, but he decided just before the deadline for withdrawing that he did not want to be considered for the Peace and Freedom Party's Presidential nomination.) The March Presidential Preference Primary was not binding on the Peace and Freedom Party; the actual choice of a Presidential candidate will be made at our August 2004 convention by the members of the State Central Committee who were elected in the March primary.

United States Senator

The Peace and Freedom Party candidate for U.S. Senator is Marsha Feinland. She received 4,864 votes in the entire state.

Statewide Measures

There were four propositions on the statewide ballot March 2nd:

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