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Election Results

Candidate Party Number of Votes Percent of Votes
Robert T. Matsui (inc) Democratic 138,004 71.4
Mike Dugas Republican 45,120 23.4
Pat Driscoll Green 6,593 3.4
John C. Reiger Peace & Freedom 3,670 1.8

(Official count as certified 10 December 2004; for additional detailed, official results, see the Statement of Vote at the Secretary of State's website.)

Post-Election Statement by John Reiger

Well it's all over but the crying. About the only positive thing I can say about the national results is that we are spared a lingering uncertainty. Now we must roll up our sleeves and get to work taking back the country.

The reelection of Congressman Matsui was a forgone conclusion (despite what any other candidate said), so why would anyone else run? The Republicans use races like this to give unknowns, long shots, and young hopefuls some campaign experience. They know it's unwinnable so they do not provide much (if any) support to their candidate. Mike Dugas is a young Republican from Davis (outside the district). His "campaign" was essentially nonexistent, but the loyal Republicans in the district voted for him.

Pat Driscoll ran an unusually energetic campaign for a smaller party candidate. He raised lots of money, got real press coverage (a rarity), and seems to have built a good campaign organization. He didn't win, but he says he was successful in achieving his goals.

My campaign was about using the electoral system to talk about the changes needed in this country: peace; universal health care; electoral reform; and many others. As those of you who heard me talk know, I was not very concerned about actually getting votes. I've been through this before and I know the system is rigged for Democrats and Republicans. I am pleased and humbled by the level of support I received from friends and fellow progressives. And, although my vote is the lowest, I take heart in noting that the two progressive candidates received almost 6% of the vote.

Campaign Statement by John Reiger

The late scientist Carl Sagan once commented that he was "a child in a time of hope." I too was a child in a time of hope, and I was a young adult in a time of hope. But it's very hard to feel hopeful right now when one thinks about all the negative things the Bush administration is doing. Congress has not been standing up against all of those backward steps. I want to change that.

I want to try to rekindle that spirit of hope. I want to offer a positive vision of the future. An America whose strength is moral and ethical, not militaristic. An America where people have assured health care, good jobs, and decent housing. An America where the voting practices match our democratic ideals. That's my America, and I believe it's your America.

In my campaign I will be emphasizing the need to curb America's militarism. I will propose a single-payer health care system covering everyone. And I will be proposing electoral reforms that will improve our democracy.

I hope you will continue to help me as I champion these and other progressive issues.

Yours for a brighter tomorrow,

REIGER for Congress
For a Brighter Tomorrow

War is in-security! Peace is the only Security!

Health Care is a Right Not a Privilege

Create democracy in America

Vote your hopes, not your fears

And many more positive, progressive programs for a brighter future

I want you to vote FOR a better America, not just against the repugnant Republicans and demoralized Democrats.


This website's library of printable leaflets includes flyers with John's positions on Democracy, Health Care and War and Peace in its John Reiger section.


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