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Marsha Feinland for U.S. Senator

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Public School Teacher

Election Results

Candidate Party Number of Votes Percent of Votes
Barbara Boxer (inc) Democratic 6,955,728 57.8
Bill Jones Republican 4,555,922 37.8
Don J. Grundmann American Independent Party 81,224 0.6
James P. "Jim" Gray Libertarian 216,522 1.7
Marsha Feinland Peace & Freedom 243,846 2.1

(Official count as certified 10 December 2004, with write-in candidates with less that 0.001% omitted; for additional detailed, official results, see the Statement of Vote at the Secretary of State's website, in particular the U.S. Senator section which includes results by county. For even more detailed results, the Supplement to the Statement of Vote includes results by political districts within counties, by congressional district, by state Senate districts, by state Assembly district, and by Board of Equalization district, and the websites of many county Registrars of Voters include county statements of vote with results by precinct.)

Statement by Marsha Feinland

As voters, you have a decision to make. Do you want to keep things going the way they are going, or will you vote for a real change?

Over 1,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq. Countless civilians have perished, adding to the toll from Afghanistan, Colombia, and other sites of endless war. Our government is not helping to establish democracy, but rather is fueling the battles with our unwanted presence. I say, "Bring the troops home now."

As a Jewish American, I chose to run for U.S. Senate partly as an act of conscience in support of the rights of Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories. The wall which impedes people from conducting a normal life must come down. Israel should abandon the settlements and retreat to its pre-1967 borders. I do not condone any violence against civilians, and favor full rights for all people in any state.

We are allowing the market forces to slowly destroy our lives and endanger our planet.

Average take-home pay has been going down since the early 1970s if you adjust the value of the dollar for inflation. It's not because taxes have gone up -- income taxes, particularly for the rich and corporations, have steadily decreased. The quest for profit pushes down real wages, forces people to work longer hours, and sends all family members to the workplace.

We need living wages -- $15 per hour or more. We need a shorter work week and longer paid vacations to have a vibrant social and cultural life.

Health care is a human right. We need a government which provides health care for all and doesn't worry about keeping the insurance companies and other bureaucrats in business. We can't let the pharmaceutical companies control who can get necessary medication. As a society we have the knowledge and resources to provide the best care to the most people. Why do we let private interests stand in the way?

We need an educated population to make decisions in a democratic society. College and universities should be free for all who wish to attend. Schemes to save money by limiting students to the courses they need for a particular occupation are a foolish economy. Decision makers need a broad range of knowledge and experience to understand the full effects of their actions. And in a democracy, we need everyone to take part in planning and making decisions.

Global warming is threatening our earth. Air and water pollution create widespread health problems. Gluttonous consumption of energy and forest products wipe out important ecosystems. The corporations either own our resources or are given control of them by our government. We need to take ownership of our industries and natural resources so that we can democratically and cooperatively plan to take care of all of our needs and our earth.

It's time to vote to reject capitalism with its mission of seeking profits. Vote for a socialist candidate. Let's embark on a path of providing for ourselves, our world and our future.


This website's library of printable leaflets includes a general campaign brochure in its Marsha Feinland section, and a joint flyer for the Peltier/Jordan ticket and Marsha Feinland's Senatorial candidacy in the Leonard Peltier section.


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