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Statement by Walt Brown for Peace and Freedom Party Primary 2004

Walter F. Brown for President

Mary Alice Herbert for Vice-President

Occupational background: aircraft riveter; mailman; laborer; warehouseman; electronics researcher; faculty, Northwestern Law School

Educational background: U.S.C., B.A., J.D.; Harvard Law School; Boston University, M.A. (government); University of Oregon, M.L.S.

Prior governmental experience: U.S. Navy (1944-1970), serving in Pacific (China during World War II, special prosecutor in Vietnam); Oregon Senate (1975-1987); Malheur County Counsel, Deputy D.A. (1989-1991)

Prior activist experience: Member, Socialist Party and NAACP since 1948, Sierra Club, Jobs with Justice, Friends Committee on National Legislation, No Sales Tax League, Oregon Consumer League volunteer counsel for Attorney Justice Alliance and SPUSA "Campaign Clearinghouse", Chief Petitioner on establishing a Public Utility District in Multnomah County (2003), on getting a statewide universal health care plan created (2001), frequently-seen volunteer at St. Francis Dining Hall soup kitchen.

Walt's qualifications for the office include his experience in the legislature, in the military, in the courts, and in the various activist organizations in which he has worked; above all, his foremost qualification is his intent to abide by International Criminal Court rulings, by the United States Constitution, by the rulings of the Supreme Court, and by the dictates of conscience.

BRIEFLY, positions on:

Health care: Brown supports National Health Insurance; also known as socialist health care; also known as single-payer health insurance.

Economy: Brown considers that jobs are the key to solving the present economic problems, and restoring progressive income taxation is a further fix for the current situation. The economical crisis is aggravated by the environmental crisis; and that stone must not be left unturned. A solid ecology, solid work force, solid government safety net provides the foundation for a sound economy. Rated 100% by AFL-CIO in 5 out of 6 sessions in Oregon legislature. Rated 100% by Oregon Environmental Council in 5 out of 6 sessions (Brown introduced the world's first law banning CFCs).

"Free Trade": Brown supports the repeal of NAFTA, as well as CAFTA, FTAA, Australia-America FTA, and GATT. None of these agreements have done anything for the people other than destroy jobs, line pockets, devastate the environment, and place unelected businesses in control above elected governments. Fair Trade - not Free Trade.

Social Security: Strengthen, extend Medicare to cover more people, lower Social Security retirement age to 62, stop taxing Social Security benefits, balance the budget honestly, not "on the back" of Social Security surpluses.

War: The United States leads the world in military advances; when we should be leading the world in peace advances. Brown supports an immediate pull-out from Iraq and replacement with a U.N. peacekeeping force while the Iraqis get their country somewhat back in order -- with the United States paying for reconstruction.

Abortion: Brown supports the Roe vs. Wade ruling which holds that a woman has a right to privacy between her and her doctor; abortion is not the government's domain to decide.

Leonard Peltier: Walt Brown is very much aware of the injustice to Leonard Peltier; if elected, Brown would pardon him.


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